“Loving the way God loves means we’re willing to love others even when there’s nothing in it for us.” ~ Joyce Meyer Ministries

I remember for a very long time that I had the view, “Well, I’ll be darned if I bow to them. Look at what they said to me and did to me.”
In one of those moments, God gently tugged at my heart and told me, “I have always loved you, even when you are not so nice.”
That was a wake up call. A life changing day.
Years later, I am happy I no longer live that way. It did not happen overnight, in fact, I struggled with it for awhile. But, one day, I made it a habit to love others as God loves me. I made a life changing choice to not treat others as they treat me in their times of hostility. I look back now and wow, that was no kind of life to live. Change is hard. Change is always worth it in the end.