I know that suicide is a sin. But please, to those who are saying that Robin Williams is such a sinner, I disagree, 100%. He had an illness, just like Cancer. But, like Cancer, it can sometimes spread and take the life of a person.
It does not make the act of suicide okay, so please, do not attack me with vile words or inbox me telling me I am not a true Catholic. I am a different kind of Catholic. I am not like many.
Being a Roman Catholic, I understand the weight of the words I am saying. Who are we to judge? We need to pray for his soul to reach Heaven.
“Dear Father, your son, Robin was ill as you know. I pray for you to allow his soul into Heaven. May we all have mercy on one another. Amen.”
Please say that small prayer. You can truly help anyone who committed suicide to get into Heaven. I believe that. We must pray and never cease or grow weary. The souls in Purgatory depend on the living to pray for them. You need not even know who they are. Just pray for any lost soul who left this earth by their own hands. It helps. I promise you.