0ead2d758b794f923d6d93f829d124eaI recently went on a dinner train in Conway, NH. It was simply amazing. I had never been on a dinner train before and I kind of wondered what would happen when the serving of the food began.
I pictured the waitress falling over to the side, drinks being spilled, the other diners wearing their food.
Ah, the joys of our imaginations!
Needless to say, the dinner went very well and not even a drop of the lobster ravioli got on my outfit. Pretty good for someone who is a self proclaimed slob when I eat.

Life is like that. We all jump on the train of life everyday. We know where we are going each and everyday, just like the route that a train will take. There are only so many tracks, but each destination is laid out before the conductor so he knows where he is going.
Bumps happen along the route, the train will jolt, sometimes the train even has to stop and the passenger is left with wondering what happened to make the train stop.
And, then there are times when the anxiety will build and we are left trying to reassure ourselves that all is okay.
We do stop and come to our senses, remembering that the conductor has it all under control and he knows the route by heart.

When, and if you are facing one of those, “jolting train anxiety” moments, remember that we all have a Main Conductor. He sits on the Throne and watches us all and is protecting us as we go about our day.