As many of you already know, emotional turmoil of any kind, is devastating to the suffer with Fibromyalgia. Stress is one of the worst things for all of us.dc84ce80b7f09e87f3fa4070989413b7 But, what do you do when you can not escape the madness of others that sometimes captures all of us at one point or another? You cannot leave, but, you know staying in the heated environment will cause you to write checks that your body cannot cash.

In times like these, please make sure to remember that while we cannot control other people – we can control our reaction to them. Let’s all work on walking away from other peoples wars. People will always try to engage one another in a dramatic, anxiety filled battle that is not really ours to fight. 

Living with this condition is even more of a reason to polish up on your, “walking away,” power that we all hold within.