Personally, I feel that we all fall into the category of forgetting that happiness truly is a choice.
I feel that people have been so conditioned by the world around them that society has become negative and down trodden almost immediately as a response to every day life.
For all of us in this group that live with Fibromyalgia, I feel that this picture very much puts us on a scale to be accountable for our actions and attitudes. Anyone that lives with a chronic illness will definitely have more harder days than a healthy person.
How easy it is for all of us to be able to choose to be unhappy and know that we could probably get away with it – by blaming our diagnosis. However, the truth is, that just because we have physical ailments, we have absolutely no right to have an attitude of ungratefulness, anger, or self-pity.
It sometimes is very hard to choose happiness and to put a smile on our face when we really feel like crying would be a truer truth – in regards to the way that we all feel.
However, we are all warriors on our journey with Fibromyalgia. And we will be the small percentage of people that do have this condition that will decide and have decided to be positive and remain unshaken to the every day trials that life brings to us. Make that choice today.1177456442404_Od2iTbej_l