Taking self responsibility for our own feelings will always be one of the core values that we all will need to live at 100%.
100% does not mean energy wise for those who live with any kind of chronic condition, but, it does mean that we are responsible for our attitudes and moods. We do bring our own energy to the table, wherever we may be.
I never put the blame on my attitude on anyone – ever. That is too much to put onto someone else. No matter what the circumstance may be, in the end, no one is responsible for our happiness. We are. Once you start seeing life in this way – you will see happiness increase. Give yourself the gift of claiming and being your own happiness and the energy that you bring into your own life.
Nothing is more draining than sitting around and blaming everyone else for this or for that. While we can never control what people do, we do control what we do, how we speak, the feelings that we feel. Just because you think something does not mean that you have to accept it.