I feel we can all relate, on some level, when it comes to having a sense of abandonment at one point or another on our journey with chronic illness. Most of us have more than just one. The chronic conditions tend to bring a lot to our plate. I have several health conditions. I am blessed to say that my husband and children are a wonderful support system.
Extended family is another issue. On occasions, when one has to turn down an invite, cancel a lunch date – etc. it can be like you feel that you are not pushing yourself enough. That begins to weigh on the mind and heart. If one allows for this pattern of self abuse – mental abuse and emotional abuse to continue – you begin down a road – that once on – can be at times, hard to step off of.

In times like these – I truly believe that it is time to stop – reassess the situation and take the focus off of yourself. It is not your fault and neither should you ever feel guilty for having to say, “I am sorry I have to break the plans that we had.” Or, “I cannot meet up for lunch today. I was looking forward to it, but my body is not doing as well as I had hoped.”
If someone in your life does not understand the journey that you are on, do not get angry at them or get angry at yourself. They do not understand what it is to have a daily – 24/7 condition that changes from day to day. If they ever disrespect you, it is time to reevaluate your relationship with them. Is it time to gift someone in your life the gift of goodbye?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetYou do not need to surround yourself with people that bring you down or make you question yourself. Those are toxic people.

God is bringing you to the people that He wants in your life. The ones that understand and are fellow road mates.