I believe we all know how it feels to hear someone say, “Well, I dunno. I mean, I have heard Fibromyalgia is this mysterious condition that is not real.” Or, perhaps you have heard – “Well, you know, you really don’t look sick.”
These statements can cause one who is dealing with any kind of chronic illness to begin to feel confused, angry, sad and every other kind of emotion, I am sure.
It is so important to not let what anyone says affect you in such a way, that you begin to question yourself.
Be you, everyday. Never become bitter, angry, resentful – do not privately mourn for yourself when you are alone.
You must get up and say to yourself, every single day, – “I know that what I am dealing with is real. Some people may not understand and that is okay. If I was on the flip side of the coin, maybe I would have the same kind of opinion as well, but, because I know the pain, I know it is real and it is a struggle. I choose to not be what people say I am. I choose to be positive in spite of what anyone says. I need not anyone’s approval.”
My wish for all of you is to not let this condition become you. From day one of my diagnosis (and I knew nothing of the condition at all,) while walking out of my neurologist office, I got into my car and said to myself, “I have no idea what this Fibromyalgia is, but what I do know, is that it will not change me.”
The rest is history
I pray for you all to have peace in your heart. Make up your mind, if you have not yet – once and for all – that this is it – you will not allow what anyone says to change the wonderful you that you are. Find yourself again.e9c540cb5a2cda76d85695d9bcea75bc