You may be in a season of your life where it feels like it is one step forward and two steps back. You may feel so close to your goal and then feelings of inferiority begin to grasp your mind like a wildfire ravaging a forest. That feeling that takes over is always, always the evil one. If you have noticed, the same episodes of emotions present themselves right before a breakthrough. If you choose to give into the carnal feelings, the world will swallow you up. Allow God into those times. All you need to say is, “God, I don’t like the way I feel. This feeling is all too familiar. I cannot do this on my own. The enemy knows when I am weak, but You do too. I choose life before these stagnant emotions burn down everything I have been working towards.”
My definition of a good day is not one where everything goes my way. It can be a day when everything went wrong, but I chose a positive attitude.