I love this quote; “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

When I read this, I think of how smiling when I feel I do not want to will have a positive affect on my day. I think forward to tomorrow and the things I do not want to awake up to and regret not doing. One of those things I would not want to regret would be that I let life get to me so much that I simply chose to not smile. If life gets to that point and it sometimes will and you feel that you just don’t feel like there is anything to smile about, please stop and think about that.

I love the quote by Marcus Aurelius ~ “Do not indulge in dreams of having what you have not, but reckon up the chief of the blessings you do possess, and then thankfully remember how you would crave for them if they were not yours.”

To some of us, having fresh water to drink and – never mind to bathe in – I bet – is not something we even think twice of. Someone, somewhere, right now, is wishing for just a glass of clean water.
It is so easy to not see the small blessings in life. My prayer and hope for the ones who may have forgotten – remember about the little blessings that in reality, are huge blessings. Let the little things we all have make us smile. Smile and be grateful even when you feel that you do not want to.