Today, just do the best that you can. We at times, all feel weighed down by the demands of the world. To be the best Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Grandma and even the best friend. Those demands are unreasonable, even for the people who are not struggling with chronic health issues.
Once and awhile I feel we all want to say, “Hey, look, not today! I am trying to just keep afloat here and I feel like I am drowning! Give me some space to breathe, please!”
How many of you have reached that point? I feel it is fair to say that all of us have, at least once. It does not make you a monster at all. It makes you human.
Take it a minute at a time today if you must. Accept that you are not going to be able to make everyone happy. Be good to you, today!13540819134_b4d20caa1e_c