Do you own your attitude? Do you have a tendency of blaming others for your reactions, an angry undertone during a conversation and the, “I am in so much pain that I cannot think, can’t you at least , please, give me a break?”
We have all done the above and probably more. We automatically think that everyone should be more kinder, easier and stock-photo-36905690-on-river-mekongunderstanding. In reality, they should be a lot more kinder, but, people are selfish and rarely are there many people whom want to take the time to understand the daily struggle of a person who is living with a chronic condition. In light of this fact, we must own our own attitudes. We cannot respond in anger and get into a heated fight. Why? Because it makes everything worse, not just the situation, but we cause harm to ourselves when we decide to take part in a war that our bodies cannot fight. We must choose. Does that mean to lay down and become a mat for others to walk on? No, never. What it means is to engage easily. Say what you have to say. If the person you are having the conversation with asks you why you are being calm, tell them because your health is not worth you getting upset over. You may even surprise a person or two.