How many of us would really love to just say, “If you only knew me a few years ago, before I became sick.” I bet all of us would want to let the people that are presently in our lives to have a glimpse, a quick lookie into our past, to show them just how active, how positive we once were – before the chronic illnesses in our lives took root.
I believe that many would pay a high price to be able to, “prove” that we are not lazy, not someone who just sits around on certain days and then other days how come is it that we have so much energy?

This is where you must make a choice in your life, that no matter what, you will stand up for yourself. While it may seem amazingly fun to daydream of such an opportunity – to turn back the hands of time, one cannot do that.

If you have people in your life that judge you based on whom you are now and they do not like who they see or they miss the old you, it is time to stand up straight, shake off the condemnation and live for today. You know whom you are, you know the wonderful you. You need not prove yourself to anyone at all. Live for today.benefits-street3-452213