1929445_10156739790350578_6898331830058445041_nAs I sit here tonight, Good Friday, the day almost being over, I feel a sadness covered in cloth. This year is different. Perhaps it is the fact that I buried my mother last month, perhaps it is because I turned 40 and life seems different, there is more depth. Perhaps it is because I have seen such sadness wrapped with happiness over the past year. The world has seen so much suffering. I think of God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother tonight. How sad They must be to see the state of our world.

Seeing Jesus, hanging on the Cross as I watch EWTN all day, listening to the Scriptures, knowing more this year about Him than I did last year. The pain for what He went through is deeper in my heart, in my soul. As I look at Jesus, on my wall, I see His Mother, Our Blessed Mother at the bottom of the Cross I wonder how She felt. How could She see through Her tears? – Her swollen eyes – swollen from crying so much. Her garments splattered with blood. Blood from Her Son.

Tonight, I am grateful, as I am every Good Friday, but today, today was different.