As I decided on the title for this post, I almost could hear Mother Angelica say, “My death? Silly girl, I never died, you know that, I went Home.” So with that, I will say tonight, as I type this, Mother Angelica is Home. She is with her Family. Not just her blood relatives, no, her Family, God, Jesus and the Blessed Mother. She always called everyone Family as I recently found out over the past 48 hours – as EWTN has been broadcasting her life story.

Who was Mother Angelica to me? Well, she was the woman, the feisty Nun who said it like it was. Her life story was one of suffering. But, the thing is this, you see, suffering was her vocation on earth and she knew that, she accepted that with grace. I could write for hours about what she has done for me, without her ever knowing what she did. I am sure there are millions of people that can say the same thing tonight. Thank You Mother Angelica for showing me that suffering is the ultimate vocation on earth and that is not a punishment from God, it is a blessing. I love you my feisty Italian Nun.