img_2135When I look at the state of our world at this moment, this moment is – it is so monumentally scary and big and the problems seem like a tight ball of yarn that has been wound up and is unraveling, leaving kinks where there was once none. Kinks made by a society that is not what it once was and everyone has their opinion and that opinion has been taken from one person – added onto – taken away from, add to that opinion a handful of their views and mix that in with a society that is now so sensitive to even the way a persons body language is and you end up with a world that is no longer based on morals, values and tradition – that has flown right out the door.

Seven billion people, who have, within themselves – become an individual society with it’s own self galaxy in individual bodies. There is no confusion as to why the world is in the state that it is. I feel more miserable now than I did before I began this post. May we all find out what matters in life and stop a minute to see what was once an honorable society has now been beguiled to a joke, a bad plate of food, melted ice cream, an empty water bottle.

How did we get here?