I have just returned from Our Lady’s Army of Advocates conference in St. Louis, Missouri, and I urge you – if at all possible – don’t miss out when a conference comes to your area. Our conferences are an oasis in this troubled world – a place to meet like-minded friends and share your successes and your battles for Our Lady and the Faith. Even more important, it is a place to inoculate yourself with the spiritual direction you will receive in person and by lectures from our holy priests, and daily Mass and Confession. For those who cannot attend our conferences, The Fatima Crusader, Our Lady’s flagship, continues to keep you informed of the essentials you need to know to save your soul and the souls of your loved ones – and to defend the Mother of God and the Catholic Faith.

This year is the 100th Anniversary of the appearances of the Angel of Fatima. Read the detailed account of his appearances and his message of reparation and prayer. Let us follow his example for devotion to the Blessed Sacrament as explained by Father Rodriguez in this issue. Father Phillipson gives us an inspiring catechetical teaching of our Catholic belief, and – last but not least – read what Father Gruner has to tell us about the great need for “The Fatima Movement of Priests.”

Keep yourself informed – John Vennari writes on the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran revolt, “Celebrating the Apocalyptic Plague,” and amidst the current day threat to all Christians – you need to read “Murder in the Magic Kingdom” and Matt Gasper’s speech excerpt from the conference on “Our Lady and Islam.”

Why must you keep informed through The Fatima Crusader? Because you won’t hear the truth from the world leaders, the politicians, the corrupted news media – not even from most of the pulpits. The Fatima Crusader arms Our Lady’s dear ones with the spiritual grace and truth we need to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – the ONLY way to true world peace and the salvation of millions of souls. Only She can help us.

Written by Coralie Graham, Editor of the Fatima Crusader Issue 116 Fatima.org