96f6161582d51851bb52aca5649bc146St. Michael – The Guardian Angel of Portugal The Angel from Heaven appeared three times in 1916, to the three shepherd children of Fatima—Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. He appeared for the first time in the spring, then a second time in the summer, and a final time in the fall. In his First Appearance, the Angel revealed himself as the Guardian Angel of Portugal. Most likely, this was, in fact, St. Michael the Archangel. In that First Appearance, St. Michael brought a message of capital importance—to the children of Fatima, to the world, and to us Catholics of the 21st century. What did St. Michael say? He, whose name means, “Who is like God?,” brought a simple message centered on God. He taught the little shepherds to pray in adoration and reparation to Almighty God: “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee! I ask pardon of Thee for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee.” This was the “Prayer from Heaven,” which the Angel of the Lord brought to the shepherd children of Fatima for our times: to believe in God, to adore God, and to make reparation for so many poor souls who reject God. From this time on, continuing through to the end of their days in this valley of tears, Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta remained faithful to this prayer, often praying it on their knees or in humble prostration. I exhort you to think and reflect at length on the profound meaning of this prayer. It is not insignificant that this prayer of faith, adoration, and reparation was chosen by God for our times. This prayer addresses the fundamental problem in our world and Church today. The grave and horrific sin of our times is the rejection of God: men and nations have set aside God’s holy law, His Commandments and the social order which God has graciously ordained. Thirteen years prior to the Apparitions of the Guardian Angel, our Holy Father, Pope St. Pius X, wrote the following in his inaugural Encyclical Letter, E Supremi, “We were terrified beyond all else by the disastrous state of human society today. For who can fail to see that society is at the present time, more than in any past age, suffering from a terrible and deep-rooted malady which, developing every day and eating into its inmost being, is dragging it to destruction? You understand, venerable Brethren, what this disease is—apostasy from God.” Think about this . . . the rejection of God. Consider the implications. Once God is rejected, what is there left? There are millions upon millions of souls, including countless so called Catholics, who, even though they may give lip service to belief in “God,” in actual fact (i.e. by the lives they lead), they do not demonstrate belief in the one true God, and do not adore, hope, and love God. Heaven itself attested to this terrible reality at Fatima, Portugal, in 1916, through the content of this prayer of reparation which the Guardian Angel brought for our times.

by Father Michael Rodriguez  The Fatima Crusader Issue 116  Fatima.org