This Heaven-sent Prayer of Reparation is very much connected with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass—the place where, and the means by which we offer God true belief, adoration, hope, and love. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most perfect sacrifice of adoration and praise to God, wherein we are united to Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary. At Holy Mass, in, with, and through Christ, we offer God our faith, adoration, hope, and love—“My God I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee!” It is without question a spiritual tragedy of epic proportions that vast numbers of Catholics no longer understand what the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass truly is, and this is due, in large part, to the unholy changes made to the Mass in the period following the Second Vatican Council. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the actualization, across time and space, of Our Savior’s Sacrifice on Calvary, and this is the only sacrifice that expresses true belief in God. It is the only sacrifice that offers true and complete adoration to God (i.e. “adoration of the Father in spirit and in truth,” Jn 4:23), and expresses perfect hope and love for God. True belief, adoration, hope, and love for God are magnificently expressed in the Traditional Latin Mass; however, this is not the case regarding the Novus Ordo Missæ (the New Mass of Pope Paul VI). Therefore, we must now pray fervently in reparation for all the lack of faith, adoration, hope, and love that takes place in countless New Masses, due to the un-Catholic changes that were made to the Mass and unjustly imposed on the faithful. In order to truly believe, adore, hope, and love God—as Catholics—it is of paramount importance that we do our best to recover and restore the Traditional Latin Mass, which is truly theocentric, i.e. centered on God. How can one truly believe, adore, hope, and love God at Holy Mass, if one’s entire being, body and soul, is not directed to, and focused on God? Furthermore, how can even sincere Catholics truly believe, adore, hope, and love God at Holy Mass, if the prayers of the Rite itself have been deformed, and as such, no longer express the perennial faith, adoration, hope, and love of the Roman Catholic liturgy? It is woefully unfortunate, but true, that the New Mass, the one with which most Catholics are familiar, is not theocentric, but rather quite the opposite, i.e. anthropocentric, centered on man and the “community.” In sum, serious reparation must be offered to Heaven for the sin of attempting to radically change the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which, by its very nature, only admits of organic (very gradual and limited) growth. Providentially, in anticipation of the Apparitions of the Holy Mother of God at Fatima, the Guardian Angel of Portugal provided us poor sinners with a prayer which ought and must! be used to make due and necessary reparation.

by Father Michael Rodriguez The Fatima Crusader | Autumn 2016 Fatima.0rg351d82907e2a8e79502480c36439c36e