The doctrine is there. Many priests and certainly many of the faithful don’t know it’s a dogma because it has not been defined formally. But there are two ways a dogma is infallible. One is by formal solemn definition, which is called the ex cathedra statements of the Pope. And this is one dogma that has not been taught that way. However, having said that, in the First Vatican Council – that’s from the council of 1870 – it points out that there are dogmas taught infallibly by the Ordinary and Universal Magisterium. That means, what the Church has always taught everywhere, at all times, all through the centuries. Pope Leo XIII says: “All graces come to us from God the Father, through the sacred Humanity of Jesus Christ, through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to us, through the Church.” Now, some Catholics have a difficult time accepting that God’s grace comes to us through Mary, as Mediatrix. However, if they think about it for a moment – just think about the salvation of mankind – certainly it comes from Jesus Christ, but it was entrusted to the Blessed Virgin first, chronologically speaking, in order for Christ to save us. He has to shed His Blood. As it says in Scripture, there’s no salvation without the shedding of blood. There’s no redemption of sin without the shedding of blood. So, Christ saves us by shedding His Blood; but where did He get His Blood from? Well, He got His Blood because He became man. As God, He couldn’t shed His Blood, so the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity became man. How did He become man? Gabriel, the Archangel, asked permission of the Blessed Virgin for Her to be His mother. He is literally of one flesh with the Virgin Mary. He was Her flesh and blood. The fact is, He also had to be of the flesh of Adam. You see, Adam and Eve are the father and mother of all mankind in the flesh. And so, by becoming a Son of Mary, He became a Son of Adam. Adam had sinned and, therefore, the redemption has to be by a Son of Adam. So, by His own way of treating our free will, He would not become man of the Blessed Virgin without Her saying, “Yes”. She had to say “Yes” before He would become man. So, the whole of salvation was entrusted to Her, waiting for Her to say: “Yes.” Christ came to us only through Mary by the Divine Will itself. So, it’s only fitting that, now that Christ has ascended into Heaven and the Holy Spirit has come upon the Church, that He would send the Holy Spirit to us with the graces that God gives us, also through Mary. It’s only by the grace of God, the grace of God won for us through Christ, and particularly through His sacrifice on the Cross – it is only through Christ – that we have grace. But, it’s only through Mary that we have Christ, and Christ was able to win this grace for us. Our Lord, on the Cross, said to John, the disciple whom He loved very much: “Behold your Mother.” He was saying that, not just to John, but to all mankind. And so, if we want to be loved by Christ, we should accept the spiritual maternity that Christ gives to the Blessed Virgin over us, by the very fact that, if we are going to be the beloved disciple – and we should all be beloved disciples – then we should accept Christ’s Will that She become our Spiritual Mother. The Second Vatican Council actually points out that She is our Mother because She generates us into the life of sanctifying grace; and the word used in Latin is generavit. I learned that the word generate is not made up out of nowhere; it comes from John 3:3 when he says: “Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit.” Well, a man is born again by his baptism when he’s baptized by the priest. He’s born again of water and the Holy Spirit. At the same moment, Mary generates him into a life of sanctifying grace. It’s a little hard to explain that.Another way to look at it, is, people are always asking for us to pray for them. Who better to pray for us than the very Mother of God? Even Luther referred to Mary as the Mother of God. It is defined by the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD that Mary is truly the Mother of God. That leads us to the Fatima Message. Mary’s mediation is part and parcel of the Fatima Message, which is obvious, because She comes to earth and says that souls will be saved and there will be peace on earth if Russia is consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. So, God Himself is sending us the message that He is going to bestow these singular graces on the Church and all of humanity, only if we honor His Mother.

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L. S.T.D. (Cand.)

The Fatima Crusader | Issue 116 4719stpetervati_00000004339

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