The problem is that peaceful Muslims can become “radical” Muslims without warning. All that has to happen to effect the transition is a deepening of faith, a closer reading of the Koran, the inspiration of a sermon on the duty of jihad at the local mosque. It is not an easy thing to acknowledge, but every Muslim is a potential jihadist. Unwittingly, those who attempt to dismiss a call for restricted Muslim immigration by pointing out that some atrocity, such as the gay nightclub murders in Orlando, were committed by someone who grew up in a Western nation, underscore the potential danger any Muslim represents, no matter where he was born and raised. “Self-radicalization” and “homegrown terrorist” are terms designed to demonstrate the futility of restricting or ending Muslim immigration. In fact, they emphasize not only how vital it is as a matter of self defense, but how much further we have to go in investigating just who is living among us with murderous intent. Islam is the enemy. We must face it, if we are to survive this war. But this war will not last forever. Sooner or later, Russia will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When that happens, much will change. The late Bishop Fulton Sheen believed that Our Lady appeared at Fatima as a sign that Islam would be converted. Fatima is the name of Mohammed’s daughter, as well as the name of the Muslim girl who converted to the Catholic Faith in the town named after her in Portugal. Of all the places Our Lady might have appeared, She chose Fatima. So in this crisis involving Islam, as with every other problem we face, Our Lady is the key. Why look where the key is not. If we turn to Our Lady and obey Her requests, the darkness will be dispelled and the light of love and peace will dawn at last.

The Fatima Crusader | Issue 116

A statue of Our Lady of Fatima is carried during a candlelight vigil at the shrine in Portugal.