Tolerance as an absolute principle is unworkable. How can an apostle of tolerance be tolerant of the intolerant? Even John Locke saw the problem, which is why he thought Catholics socially unacceptable: they insist upon an absolute truth. The essence of tolerance is indifference, if not practical denial, of absolute truth. Islam has in common with the Catholic Faith its insistence on absolute truth, that is, exclusive truth. So Islam and Catholicism are inevitable foes, as they have been since the first cry of “Allahu akbar!” accompanied the first beheading of an “infidel” more than 1300 years ago. It is sometimes said that “radical Islam” is rooted in a 7th century ideology, the implication being that “moderate” Islam is consonant with modern values. All of Islam is rooted in a 7th century ideology. It IS that ideology, from which it has never departed. Defenders of Islam like to point out that most Muslims live among us peacefully. But such co-existence is not the result of their religion, but of a falling away from that religion.

The Fatima Crusader | Issue 116