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June 2017

Obedience to Heaven  Is the Only Effective Means  of Promoting Peace

Obedience to Heaven Is the Only Effective Means of Promoting Peace - Fatima Crusader Issue 15 pg. 21 1984 Four Facts Because so many politicians and Churchmen are today so preoccupied with the very real danger of annihilation by nuclear... Continue Reading →

Petition to Your Catholic Bishop

Petition to Your Catholic Bishop For Nuclear Free World Peace | Fatima Crusader Issue 15 pg 20 1984 Your Excellency/Your Grace, Vatican Council II says “the laity are empowered — indeed sometimes obliged — to manifest their opinion on those... Continue Reading →

The Human Cost of Ignoring Our Lady of Fatima

The Human Cost of Ignoring Our Lady of Fatima Issue 15 Page 19 - 1984 List of Countries Enslaved and Scourged by Atheistic Communism Country Present-Day Population (1984) Since Russia 268,000,000 1917 Latvia 1,951,000 1940 Estonia 1,122,000 1940 Lithuania 2,957,000... Continue Reading →

Save Yourself From Nuclear War

What Must We Do? Our Lady made these requests of everyone • “Amend your lives and ask pardon for sin” • “People must not continue to offend Our Lord as He is already too much offended” • Do your daily... Continue Reading →

Ignore the Message of Fatima

Ignore the Message of Fatima: At the Cost of Your Enslavement and Nuclear Destruction If we had already listened to Our Lady of Fatima, then we would not have had 55,000,000 violent deaths in World War II, a very great... Continue Reading →

Laity Should Help to Get Bishops to Obey Pope, Says Archbishop Gagnon

Laity Should Help to Get Bishops to Obey Pope, Says Archbishop Gagnon from ‘Challenge’ November 1983 Archbishop Gagnon Archbishop Edouard Gagnon used strong words about what he called material schism in the United States during an exclusive interview with The Wanderer published... Continue Reading →

Dramatic Warnings of Fatima

Dramatic Warnings of Fatima The following article is taken from an article published on Jan. 31, 1982 by Si Si No No — a magazine published in Rome, Italy by Father Francis Putti. Paul VI also, at Fatima, let forth an agonized... Continue Reading →

To my Mother on the Convalidation of my Marriage … 6/21/16

To my Mother on the Convalidation of my Marriage ... 6/21/16 As I slipped my wedding dress on today, I looked in the mirror and I saw your photo, your gorgeous smile, smiling up at me. I said silently, "Today... Continue Reading →

Agca Accuses KGB of Involvement in Papal Assassination Attempt

Agca Accuses KGB of Involvement in Papal Assassination Attempt from CHALLENGE July 1983 Mehmet Ali Agca, the convicted would-be assassin of Pope John Paul II, declared in public to reporters that the Bulgarian secret police were involved in the assassination attempt and... Continue Reading →

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