Reality Meets Hope

Chronology of a Cover -up

A brief history of the interventions of Our Lady of Fatima to bring real peace to all mankind and the ongoing campaign to thwart, silence, falsify and obstruct Her message of peace, hope, joy and salvation. The unprecedented terrorist attack... Continue Reading →

Pope John Paul II Denounces Communist Regimes for Persecuting Catholics

Pope John Paul II Denounces Communist Regimes for Persecuting Catholics (1986) THE SITUATION IN LITHUANIA Lithuania is one nation where a greater part of the population, in spite of bitter persecution, is still Catholic. There are 2,542,000 Catholics in that... Continue Reading →

The Fatima Crusader  Comments on the Vatican-Moscow Agreement

The Fatima Crusader Comments on the Vatican-Moscow Agreement From the previous report “The Vatican-Moscow Agreement”, it seems that Pope John XXIII gave his word not to let the Vatican Council attack Communism as such. Pope John XXIII kept his word. But this... Continue Reading →

The Vatican-Moscow Agreement

The Vatican-Moscow Agreement Jean Madiran This enlightening article throws new light on the vital importance of Our Lady of Fatima’s message for our time. It helps us further understand why up to now Our Lady Of Fatima’s command to consecrate... Continue Reading →


HIS HOLINESS POPE JOHN PAUL II SAYS … The Message of Fatima Imposes an Obligation on the Church “The Appeal of Our Lady of Fatima is so deeply rooted in the Gospel and the whole of Tradition that the Church feels... Continue Reading →


THE POPE SAYS... OUR LADY OF FATIMA AWAITS THE BISHOPS On the occasion for the March 25, 1984 Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, an immense number of pilgrims filled St. Peter’s Square. The crowd flowed... Continue Reading →

John Paul II’s Rosary

John Paul II's Rosary POPE JOHN PAUL II EXHORTS ALL TO PRAY THE ROSARY Taken from ‘L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO’ English Edition FIRST SATURDAYS WITH POPE JOHN PAUL II Pope John Paul II prays the Rosary on the First Saturday of every... Continue Reading →

You Need  The Fatima Crusader

You Need The Fatima Crusader To Insure Yourself Against Communist Enslavement Our only hope of insuring ourselves against Communist enslavement in our homeland is by obedience to Our Lady of Fatima. She said, “Only I can help you.” You must... Continue Reading →

Thank God for  The Fatima Crusader

Thank God for The Fatima Crusader Dear Friends of Our Lady, Yes, thanks be to God the Father, God the Son, Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother Mary for The Fatima Crusader, because without the grace... Continue Reading →

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